Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Art Journaling Daisy Yellow Wonder31 Prompts

 Got some more pages done to share - not necessarily in correct order.

Prompt: Light - or lots of light bulbs in marker, gel pen, and colored pencils.

Prompt:  Pencil - in pencil.

Prompt:  Lyrics - a watercolor backdrop to the lyrics from our wedding song.

Prompt:  Chevron - in Koi watercolors

And then with some added marker.  

Prompt:  Zebra - marker

Prompt:  Architecture - my Scribble Picnic cabin serving double duty.

Prompt:  Circles - in watercolor and marker on my teabag wrapper.  (Expect to see more of these.)


  1. These are wonderful!

  2. The lightbulbs, I think, is my favourite for the fun whimsy feel. It's amazing how much the markers add to the watercolour stripes on the chevron piece, really adding extra life and dimension.


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