Thursday, August 11, 2016

Merry Fishmas 2016

We celebrated our second Merry Fishmas at the end of July.  Truth be told, we actually put this tree away decorated.  We cover it with a heavy duty contractors garbage bag and away in the closet it goes.  This year I added those red and white striped fish and the turtle near the top.

We did manage to get out to fish after a brief rain storm.  You can see the sky in the first picture (east over the ocean) was pretty clear.

But facing south and west there was still a dark sky, yet we all sauntered out to the dock.

This is what happens when you cast with the bale locked and the bobber pops off.  You find a friendly fisherman on the dock with a long net and you ask to borrow it so you can rescue the bobber!  Sadly, the bobber was the only thing we caught!

We were so happy that Chris and Michelle came and brought Ryan to meet our Table 7 gang.  The ladies played "Pass the Baby" and he was so good about it.

We had a nice meal from Olive Garden catering home delivery which made it so easy.  I made three batches of cookies for dessert and we had a watermelon too.  Flourless peanut butter cookies, Gluten Free Lemon Crinkle cookies, and my new favorite Browned Butter Brown Sugar Cookies. What wasn't eaten was sent home with the guests.

Our friends added to our ornaments on the tree.   They're so cute!

And the guests went home with goody bags filled with fishy stuff.  I stamped the bags .......

and cut out some stamped fish to add to the scene.

Since it rained and there was still a threat of storms, the concert at the dock was moved to one of the local school gymnasiums, but we weren't going.  Instead we were able to catch the sunset in back which looked like a little fireworks show.   

Our Beautiful World is looking for outdoor activity pictures so I will be sharing our fishing pictures with them.  

Merry Fishmas!


  1. Laughing at "pass the baby"! And wow, what a glorious sunset.

  2. I think choosing the sunset was a great idea . . . wonderful cards . . . and oh my that grandson! What a cutie. I also love those grandma and grandpa smiles. The Merry Fishmas is such a fun idea!


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