Sunday, June 14, 2015

Summer of Color - SOC 2015 - Week 1

Through a couple of the new blogs that I am currently following I found out about this challenge called Summer of Color and this is the fifth year that the challenge is in existence.  Here is the link to this week's particulars.  Unfortunately, my week got filled up with other stuff and I only got to this last night and thankfully I live on the east coast and will just squeak my project in before the deadline.

If you're a regular here this owl might look a tad bit familiar as I did something similar last summer for the 60-day Paper Prompt.  However, this time the challenge limited me to a certain pallet.  We were allowed two shades of blue and one of green in whatever media we liked. I had a couple of Marvy LePen's that matched up with a couple of Prismacolor pencils and with blending of the pencils I was able to achieve a little more depth with the colors.

I also chose to tangle the "wings" of this owl.  The tangle is called 63Y and I chose this variation.

The last week of school is this week and it's going to be a real roller-coaster of a ride.  There's so much to do and on top of it all, they're going to be doing some major construction right outside and breaking through to our office so we have to "pack up" and will be relocated to ...... as yet to be determined for the next five weeks. There's good and bad in that.  The good is that they're getting it done right away, the bad is that we are using our 2014-2015 vacation days up before July 1st so when we walk out the door on Friday, things will have to be somewhat organized.  Let's just see if I can keep my sanity!  Hopefully these art challenges that I have chosen to do will help with that.


  1. Your owl is absolutely beautiful! I am so happy that you got your project in before the deadline! I love what you did with week #1's SOC colors!

  2. I love her! And I'm SO happy you found us this year - thank you for playing and good luck with the last week of school! Kristin xo

  3. Lovely work and good luck for your hectic week!

  4. Oh, he's so colorful and detailed! Happy SOC to you.

  5. Wonderful owl! Love the blues and green you chose.

  6. LOVE your owl, so glad your playing along this summer.

    Thanks for the comments.......the girls are loving the challenge.


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