Saturday, June 20, 2015

ICAD 2015 - Week 2

This has been a really busy week for me and I am so looking forward to a little time off from work to catch up on a few things and start a couple of larger projects.  These ICAD's are from last week and I haven't done one from this week yet, but I will.  The theme for this week was painting, so I tried to follow that along with the prompts using my Derwent Inktense Pencils, some water soluble pastels and my Kuretake watercolors.  Also to note, the prompts for this week are names of fruit or condiments. It is up to the artist to interpret how they use the prompts, so one can use the name of the fruit as a color or as the object it is.  Or still, the shape or form of it.  So you will see my different interpretations of these combinations.

Day 8 - Grapefruit and Cherry
I actually did the second card you see first using real cherries as a stamp in the background and adding the little grapefruit cross-sections and orbs.  Then I spritzed the card with cherry-colored watercolor.  Feeling a little industrious that day, and wanting my grapefruits to have a bigger impact I did the first card with the Inktense pencils.  Funny that I like grapefruit but can no longer have it due to a possible interaction with a medication that I take.  But quick breakfast treat could be a halved grapefruit with a cherry on top.

Day 9 - Carrol & Lemon
I drew my carrots and filled in the gaps with lemons and added a quote on the horizontal stack.

Day 10 - Eggplant & Ginger
Some finger painting here with the colors of eggplant and ginger with a magnified butterfly in the moonlight.

Day 11 - Lime & Mango
I started a pattern on one index card using some water soluble pastels in lime and mango.  Then I added some tangles to it but here's the story - it was late and I was actually nodding off as I was doing the tangles so I quickly wrapped it up and went to bed.  When I woke up and looked at what I had done, first, I didn't remember what I was trying to do, and second, it looked like crapola.  So I cut the mango and lime pieces off the first card, got out my Kuretake watercolors and made a background for them in a darker mango color and then glued them on.  Was it a save?  Not sure.  But this is an exercise in creativity and what I have learned is not to push the envelope of tiredness.

Day 12 - Parsnip & Kiwi
Just in case you're wondering - these are parkiwisnips.  Or parsnip-shaped kiwis.  With a little of the cross-section seed pattern of the kiwis for a background. (Yeah, I'm not liking this too much either. Oh well.)

Day 13 - Blueberry & Plum
Now this one is definitely more interesting in real life because I put a lot of detail into those pinky-finger-stamped blueberries on the plum background. They were stamped with a blue watercolor and then I added shading and highlighting with Prismacolor pencils.  In person they look a lot more dimensional.  And think I could definitely use something like this as a background for a card in the future.

Day 14 - Salt & Pepper
Perhaps the easiest of the prompts for the week.  I drew some random grid lines and filled them in alternately with black water color and then added some tangling and gel pen dots on one row.

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