Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cloud Show

The passing of the storm before dusk yesterday gave way to a spectacular cloud show. From inside the house surrounded by trees there was an eerie greenish-gold glow. "You have to come outside and see the sky" he said luring me with the promise of something awesome. And awesome it was. Mammatus clouds in shades of blue and pink with tinges of yellow from the sunset. My picture doesn't do them justice.

Mammatus clouds are formed by sinking air which gives them their lobe-like appearance.  They are usually seen after a storm.  I don't recall ever seeing this type of cloud in person before.  Over the last several years, with the advent of the internet, I had seen pictures of them, but they were never from our area.  You might say that seeing them in person was a kind of bucket-list event for me.  


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