Monday, June 8, 2015

ICAD 2015 - Week 1

Last summer I participated in the ICAD (Index Card A Day) challenge for the first time.  It was quite an experience and one that helped me keep my sanity when I was dealing with my leg and back pain pre-surgery.  I found out about this challenge through my blogging buddy Lauren who has even been a guest poster for the challenge in the past.  

The purpose is to make time to do something creative each day and the canvas is simple - Index Cards!  There are prompts but you don't have to play along with those if you don't want to.  You just have to use what you have in art supplies and create something on an index card each day.  

I am going to attempt to follow the prompts, but there may be some days when that's not possible so don't hold me to it.

So............... here we go..............

Day 1 - Chevron
I stamped the chevrons in Strawberry Slush ink and then went back with my Micron pen to add some tangles to the design.

Day 2 - Carnival
I went with Carnival glass.   I found a picture of a carnival glass bowl on line that I liked and I drew it with my Micron.  I colored it with my Prismacolor pencils and blended those.  Then I took some Pearl shimmer paint and added a layer of that over the pencil.  

It really does have the shine that carnival glass has, you just have to turn the card a wee bit to see it.

It really does have the shine that real carnival glass has, you just have to hold the paper just right to see it.

Day 3 - Map
I chose to go with a topographical map and then added some color with highlighters.

Day 4 - Mailbox
So..... I took a picture of the staff mailboxes at work as viewed from my desk and then I drew it.  I have my own color-coded labeling system which works quite nicely.

Day 5 - Owl
I chose to use my tangle MYOWLZ for this card.  I carefully drew the owls and then added their, in some cases, crazy eyes.  Then I got out just about all of the blue and green value pencils from my pencil box to color in between the owls.

Day 6 - Taxi
This one didn't come as easy as it should have.  I took a tangle I had been practicing recently, added some checkerboards and yellow to the black and white pattern to get this.

Day 7 - Periodic Table
I did a bit of research for this one.  I pulled up pictures of the Periodic Chart on my computer and most of them were the same with colored boxes.  I just wanted a different perspective on it, so I looked for and found the Bohr models of the Noble gasses which you see here with some tangling in between.

This is a pretty simple challenge and you don't have to start at the beginning - you can start any time.  And just let me add the link to the prompts so you can join in the fun.  Even if you don't share it, try it.  Get yourself a pack of index cards and I'm sure you have some kind of art supplies around - markers, highlighters, pencils (regular or pencil), inexpensive watercolors..... you don't have to spend a fortune and it is fun.  

Have I said it's "FUN" enough!


  1. I love them all...and especially love your mailbox drawing!!!! The periodic elements make me smile too! What a wonderful challenge and great inspiration!!!!

  2. My favourites are the owls and the carnival glass - thanks for sharing the extra photo to show the amazing shimmer. Having done chemistry up till I left school, I like the noble gases one too. Brings back memories....


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