Sunday, February 8, 2015

Thank a Postman(woman) Day

Wednesday (Feb. 4th) was Thank a Postman Day and since I was out of work during the holidays and didn't get to wish our mail lady a Merry Christmas, I knew that I didn't want to miss this day too. Actually, we also forgot to put our home mailman's card in the mailbox for Christmas so it became imperative to also remember him on Thank a Postman Day.  

So I rustled up these two cards in red, white, and blue with a mailbox image from Picnic Parade with a note of thanks and a Dunkin Donuts gift card for them both.   I still have the work card at my desk because our mail lady has been out this past week. Hopefully she'll be back this week.  There's something going around and it found me also this week.  I've been laying low since I got home from work on Friday.  I don't have any sick days left so I could really use a snow day tomorrow because I could probably use another recuperative day.

Our Spanish teacher loves to spend time in our school art room and our Art teacher is wonderful about her doing her little projects there.  These two tiles are her newest work and I'm so happy that she shared them with me.  

Don't you just love the colors!  

I wish I had time to spend in the art room.  I've been invited to come before school hours but I haven't been able to get in much earlier as I now have my back program to do at home including my recumbent bike in the morning.  There just has to be a way to find more hours in a day!

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  1. If you find the secret to more hours in the day, make sure to share it!
    Those thank-you cards are just sweet, especially the polka-dot paper one. And thank you for sharing the tiles.


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