Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jingle Belles and Snow Day Hijinks

HWNSNBP left for a basketball game the other day (he's a basketball ref in addition to his regular day job) and he left the TV tuned to The Rifleman.  He had been watching it while I was making a pot of vegetable soup.  So what has this to do with my card?  Well, the episode was about a Chinese father and son who came to town and were being tormented by some of the locals.  Of course The Rifleman and his son befriended them and helped them to get their Chinese laundry business going. As I was listening to the TV from the other room, I was wondering how the Chinese got to be so good at laundering and of course the phrase "no ticky, no washi" came to mind which made me think of washi tape, which reminded me that this week's prompt for the Jingle Belle Challenge was to use washi tape (or any other form of decorative tape) on our cards.  Some would call that synchronous thinking - how we tie things together.  In my case it spurred me in the direction of the stamp cave and got my wheels spinning in the direction of my collection of washi tape and some new dies that I have not yet used.  

I went with a gold and silver pallet on some Whisper White cs.  The card base is a very yellow gold paper that is quite sturdy.  The Laurel Wreath was cut from metallic silver paper and the deer was cut from textured gold.  I'm kind of happy with the way this turned out and I have another idea brewing for next week.  

So as I was finishing up with the washi tape, I kept glancing over the the card that I had started for my son's birthday but then abandoned.  When I was working on it the other day it just wasn't coming together so I went with the simpler (and I already said "lame") card if only to make sure that he received it for his birthday.  But this one was calling to me to finish.  I already had the splats and the stenciled part done and I had the strip of navy also.  I decided to put some feathers on it in the colors of the ink that I used - Bermuda Bay and Marina Mist - and then I thought it should have a bird. But not just any bird.  It would have to be a peacock with those colors and lo and behold (who says that?), I just happened to have a peacock stamp.  So I stamped it in Marina Mist and then colored it with just about every other blue, blue/green marker that I could put my hands on and then fussy cut it out.  I took a navy marker and added the accent lines to the stenciled motifs.  Now I'm thinking this isn't as lame as the other one and I think that this will make a nice get well card for a co-worker.  

And now here's where the hijinks come in.  (Doesn't that look strange with those three tittles in a row?  Go ahead and giggle, I did!)  

We had a snow day yesterday (I might have mentioned that before) and instead of baking chocolate chip cookies like I would usually do (sorry Peach!) I had prepared myself to do a little Pinterest- inspired project.  I wanted to make a Post-It Origami Icosahedron.  Why?  Why not?  I had purchased some colorful post-it notepads at the dollar store and had saved the instructions to my Pinterest page so I got to folding.

I folded 10 units of each color and then started puzzling them together to make..........................

It's about the size of a large orange.  The colors are really off in that last picture, but I think you can definitely see that it all fit together.  And now it joins the rubber band ball on my desk at work!

Think of all the calories I saved by not making those cookies!


  1. ok, i love EVERYTHING about this post, especially that you've given me the phrase "synchronous thinking" to essplain the ways we associate seemingly disparate things together, which i do A LOT, and sometimes get laughed at. now i can say my synchronous thinking is just more eclectically connected than everyone else, which sounds fancy and cool, lol! :) :) :)

    meanwhile the origami is AMAZING and the peacock card is FAB and yes, both were probably more sensible and virtuous than cc cookies. you are a good woman!

    but the star of this show for me is that AWESOME WASHI CARD! love, love, loooooooooooooooooooove every element and the card itself is more than the sum of its (considerable; impressive) parts! YOWZA, missus! so pleased you (& the rifleman, lol!) could come "a-WASHI-ing with us at JINGLE BELLES! <3

  2. Love your silver and gold creation. I also love your way with words - no ticky, no washi! And "lo and behold" was exactly the perfect thing to say. Thanks for joining the Jingle Belles challenge this week. Kind blessings, Lela

  3. Love the cards . . . they are wonderful - especially that peacock!
    The origami is amazing!

  4. AMAZING projects!! LOVE that gorgeous gold and silver washi project. It's just the "ticky" for inspiring me to use my washi more often. :) That icosohedron is amazing!!! Wow. I enjoyed reading your post and wish you would consider putting a "follow by email" button on your sidebar so I don't miss any posts!!

    I appreciate you becoming a follower over at my blog and have returned the favor. Be sure to be watching for my next post where I am making my new-follower introductions.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  5. Beautiful cards Lorraine!
    Love the gold and silver washi tape, just perfect for your Jingle Bells card and the peacock card is so adorable. Great color choices!
    Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by my blog!!!

  6. What fun little projects ... I adore the silver & gold for a holiday card ... so very glad you went a-WAHSI-ing with us at jingle belles.


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