Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Covering the Bases This Week

I was inspired to do the Valentangle above using all heart-related tangles....Heartstrings, Lolo, Heart Divided, Heart Box, Heartfully, and some Mooka hearts.  Then I used my Prismacolor pencils to add color.  It's been extremely cold here and today we have a snow day, though I think they called it too soon.  It started out with a delayed opening and then changed it to closed, but it stopped snowing much earlier than I think they expected - there's only about 3 inches out there.  So now we'll be giving back a day from Spring Break.

Sadly, our daughter-in-law lost her grandfather earlier this weekend.  It's hard losing someone you've been so close with and who has loved you so unconditionally all your life.  So I sat down yesterday to make a couple of cards for her and her family.  Though I never feel I have the right words at times like this.  

Also this week is my son's birthday.  Yes, he's making me feel very old.  And this card below is very lame I fear.  Dare I say that I was running out of mojo at this point.  Still, I know he'll like it because it was made specially for him. 

Now, let me get my biking done because I'll have to get these in the mailbox today and I don't want to waste this gift of a day off!


  1. Your cards are lovely - and yes, it must be hard to create ones for sad occasions. Our oldest son is 32 today and our 'baby' will be 30 next week. I'm too young to have kids that old!!

  2. Some of the loveliest and most peaceful sympathy cards I have ever seen. Wonderful cards, Lorraine, that surely will help bring peace and comfort to your grieving loved ones.

    Fun BD card for your son!! Love the ink splatter patterns.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com


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