Saturday, November 15, 2014

Two Inches of Art a Day

My blogging friend Michelle started a personal challenge at the beginning of this month.  She has challenged herself to make a 2" collage every day for 30 days.  I hope you click over to her blog and see what she is creating because they are wonderful.

I've done two art challenges this summer going from a 3x5 index card to a 4x6 index card and not only had fun doing them both, but I got a sense of accomplishment that I was being creative everyday even if it wasn't in an area that I was particularly comfortable.  It challenged me to stretch myself and try new techniques and use new materials.  But more than that, it challenged me to not be so self-critical.

So I decided to take Michelle's challenge and change it up just a little bit.  I cut 2" squares from watercolor paper and it is my goal to fill those squares, one a day, with little bits of art using whatever medium I have readily at hand.  My prompts will come from my activities of the day or from my surroundings.  I hope you don't get bored with the art show and I hope that I can meet my goal of "Two Inches of Art a Day"!

Nov. 1 - Inspiration:  Dinner with Table 7
(Watercolors and Micron Pen)

Nov. 2 - Inspiration:  The colors of the leaves driving home.
(Watercolors and Micron Pen)

Nov. 3 - Inspiration:  What's on Hand?  Metallic Sharpies.
(Metallic Sharpies, Black Sharpie, Micron Pen)

Nov. 4 - Inspiration:  Inside Envelope Pattern
(Strip of Envelope, Micron Pen, Markers)

Nov. 5 - Inspiration:  A donated set of brightly colored markers and some doodling.
(Micron Pen, Marker)

Nov. 6 - Inspiration:  Logo on the outside of the MRI machine staring back at me.

Nov. 7 - Inspiration:  Diagnosis - Left Foot Stress Fracture.
(Micron Pen, Prismacolor Pencils)

Nov. 8 - Inspiration:  Botanical placemat in Zentangle form.
(Micron Pen, Prismacolor Pencils)

Nov. 9 - Inspiration:  Target $ Spot Stocking Stuffer Gel Pens.
(Gel Pens)

Sometimes it takes a short amount of time to fill the 2" and sometimes I can sit there for quite a while adding more details or layers.  But all in all, like any good exercise, it gets me to stretch!


  1. Oh no!! I can't believe you have a stress fracture on top of everything else. You amaze me the way you manage to keep creative throughout it all.
    I just loved the little Holiday Home ornaments in your next post. What a great way to recycle packaging into something so lovely.

  2. I LOVE that you're taking on the challenge Lorraine!!!!! The first pieces are beautiful! I am so sorry to hear about your foot :( I hope that it heals quickly! No more fractures or MRI machines for you!!!!!!


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