Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Two Inches of Art a Day - Continued

On a whim I decided to use the same color palette for these next six creations.  I wondered while doing this if this would be how someone would design their own scrapbook paper.  In each case I used two little ink pads that came in my Paper Pumpkin kits.  Additionally I used some markers in the same color family, a black marker, and also a gold gel pen on one of them.

Nov. 10 - Inspiration:  Empty lemon bag. 
(plastic mesh bag, mini ink pads, colored markers, black marker) 

Nov. 11 - Inspiration:  Gold Gel Pen.
(mini ink pads direct to paper and gel pen)

Nov. 12 - Inspiration:  Circles.  I used anything on the table that could produce a ring.
(mini ink pads and markers)

Nov. 13 - Inspiration:  Stamp pads as block stamps.
(mini stamp pads and marker)

Nov. 14 - Inspiration: Swipe.
(mini ink pads and coordinating markers)

Nov. 15 - Inspiration:  On the Edge.  I turned the ink pads on their sides to swipe them down.
(mini ink pads and markers)

I like almost all of them.  


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