Sunday, November 30, 2014

End of November and Two Inches of Art a Day

We get so much junk mail at work and some of it has really cool graphics.  I decided to cut out some of that art in the shape and size of the boxes on my desk calendar and glued them over each day as it passed.  It went a lot faster than I expected and became a lot easier when I took a scrap of transparency film and cut that out to the size to use as a lay-over pattern when deciding what graphics to use.  I found this size calendar at the Dollar Tree last December and it was the perfect size for the corner of my desk but they don't have the same one for next year, or at least not yet.  I'm hoping I'll still be able to find one this size again.

Now to finish up the Two Inches of Art a Day

Nov. 16 - Inspiration:  Squares.
(Markers and Gel Pen)

Nov. 17 - Inspiration:  Dotted Swirls.
(Metallic Sharpies and Micron Marker)

Nov. 18 - Inspiration:  Silver and Neon.
(Metallic Sharpie and Markers)

Nov. 19 - Inspiration:  Snowflake.
(Scribbled Pencil)

Nov. 20 - Inspiration:  Last of the Leaves.
(Melted Crayon Shavings)

Nov. 21 - Inspiration:  Bluebirds.

Nov. 22 - Inspiration:  Bluebirds.

Nov. 23 - Inspiration:  Last of the Mums.

Nov. 24 - Inspiration:  String of Squares.
(Micron Pens)

Nov. 25 - Inspiration:  String of circles.
(Micron Markers)

Nov. 26 - Inspiration:  It's a Maze Thing.
(Micron Marker)

Nov. 27 - Inspiration:  Peppermint Candy.
(Micron Markers)

Nov. 28 - Inspiration:  Holiday Flannel Pajamas.
(Micron Markers)

Nov. 29 - Inspiration:  Time to Tangle.
(Micron Marker, Pencil)

Nov. 30 - Inspiration:  Message of the Month.
(Watercolors and Micron Marker) 

And here is the whole month at once.

I hope you enjoyed viewing this challenge.  I certainly did enjoy keeping up with it.  Thanks again Michelle for the idea. 

Now........on to December. 


  1. I love that scribbled snowflake and those bluebirds made me smile :) Are you in for another 30 days????? :) My 30 days is getting stretched out a bit... :)

  2. I just love what you did with the calendar and junk mail - what a wonderful way to give it another lease of life, even if only for a short while. The birds (what a suprise!!) and the 'mum are my favourites of your month of art.


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