Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Birthday Card and Surprise Cake

Yikes!  What do you do when you forget a good friend's birthday!  Seriously, I really botched up.   This friend was soooooooooooo helpful to me this summer at work doing things for me when I wasn't there and I went and forgot it was her birthday last weekend.  Oh my!  Well I made her a card and a chocolate cake.  Not your everyday chocolate cake, but a chocolate candy cake out of Hershey's nuggets.  I found the directions here for a cake made with Hershey's miniature chocolates and adjusted the size of the TP tube to the size of the double layers of nuggets.  Since the nuggets are thicker, the cake went further to the edge of the base, but it still looked okay to me.

The center of this cake is a cardboard tube (TP or paper towel cut down) and you can certainly fill the empty space with some little treat also.  I chose to add a battery-operated tea light to the cap on the cake top.  When I sent it to her I slid in a little handwritten note to pull the top off and light the candle.  The candle fit perfectly inside the cardboard tube and the scalloped "icing" top kept it in place.  

She loved it.  But what made my day was that HWNSNBP was impressed.  He's always positive about what I make but this time he practically gushed.  This is a project that I will definitely do again... and definitely before the birthday and not after!

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