Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Forsythia

Hoping all mothers, grandmothers, godmothers, and aunts enjoyed their Mother's Day as much as I did.  I had all my children here today - my daughter Rachel and the newlyweds Chris and Michelle too.  I prepared Sausage Stars and Sabrina's German Apple Pancake and they loved both dishes.  I finished the Mother's Day cards for both HWNSNBP's and my mother and then we headed out to visit our respective mothers.  I got to spend some time in the stamp cave when I got back.

Today I was working on some lilies which are still drying, but I had used the forsythia die earlier this week and used those on the Mother's Day cards.  There are two dies in this set.  The flower die will punch out 20 flowers and then there is a leaf die that makes multiple leaves too.  I scored the leaves and cupped them a bit.  The flowers were depressed into the foam mat to give them their dimension.  

I added liquid paper centers to these and left the other three empty.  (I think you might see them in the card above.)

This is the size in relation to the dogwood die that I had previously used.  

I played around some more with this die cutting blue flowers and adding them to green stems turning them into delphiniums which I'll post later this week along with the lilies.  This is a bit of fussy work, but I am enjoying it.  I purchased the tool kit that was recommended to do the shaping and scoring and I'm glad I did, but I have to say that I am inept at using the reverse tweezers.  I'll stick to my regular ones!  

We might get a frost here tonight or tomorrow night and I'm hoping that the plants that we put in already will not be damaged.  The last frost date is usually May 10th, but this spring has been so unpredictable!

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