Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dear Anonymous

I apologize in advance if you are a true follower who does not want, or does not know how to post a comment with your name, be it screen or real, attached.  Just please know that I will not be publishing your comments.  This is largely in part because the anonymous comments that I've been getting come with links to strange websites.  

I also will not be publishing any comments that come in foreign languages, that being other than English, as I do not speak any other languages fluently and even with the Google translate feature, I am sure that there would be a great chance of misinterpretation both by me and my other named readers.  Again, especially if accompanied by links to websites.  

If, however, you are a real anonymous follower and not a computer, and wish to comment, please contact me via my e-mail, which you can find on my profile page.  I will be happy to post your comment.  

I like comments.  I really do.  I've just been getting so many anonymous comments that are spam lately and they're making me a little cranky.

What made me smile yesterday was how the light was dappling through the trees as I turned in the driveway illuminating these daffodils with their orange coronas.  These have to be among the late blooming varieties because most of the others have dried flower heads already.  


  1. What a beautiful spring photo, Lorraine! I had put my thermal socks at the back of the drawer and had even being going without any socks the last few days but today it was out again with my boots and long raincoat, and back on with the heat. So it's a real treat to see this.
    Sorry about all the spam! I was getting a bit, so I went to registered users only, but I must say that Blogger picked up and segregated almost all the spam for me. It's not fun, so pointless...

  2. I know...those foreign commenters who link to websites that have nothing to do with me drive me nuts, too!!

  3. Your daffies are always the best - rode past the old homestead a little while back and was pleased to see my old ones still blooming away - hope they cheered someone's day!


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