Saturday, May 11, 2013

3 Seconds.........

I had to attend a small "inservice" with two of my coworkers this week.  It was about state reporting and correcting data.  Working in a school office it is virtually impossible to complete a task without being interrupted.  It's also impossible to do a job correctly without the right information but I won't go down that "rat hole" as HWNSNBP likes to put it.

I found this little blurb in an old Reader's Digest and snipped it out and copied it.  Before I mounted it on the scrapbook paper, I took my daubers and smushed some ink on the copied quote, ran that through my little Xyron sticker maker and stuck it on.  The little frames were from the $1.50 bin at Mike's and I had picked up a couple of them to keep handy for a "someday" project. 

I'm glad I found something to do with them and the ladies got a kick out of them.  

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  1. I absolutely love these!!!!! Wonderful idea - and how perfect for a school office. If you don't mind I may have to copy your idea and make these for the ladies in our office.
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day Lorraine!


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