Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tube Diver

This bird feeder has a lid.  It has a lid that apparently is so easy to remove a squirrel can do it.  They must have been watching very carefully when HWNSNBP was filling the feeder to see how that tube got filled.  I saw the lid on the ground and we originally thought the wind had blown it off, so HWNSNBP put it back on and then went out to do some errands.  A little later I noticed the lid on the ground again and thought it was strange because there was no wind.  Then I looked up and saw this - the squirrel diving face first into the tube.  

Trying to get out was a little tricky.  Those feet were flailing around and the front paws were slipping as it tried to push itself out.  It was actually quite comical and the dark side of me was wishing that it got stuck.  But it managed to get out and the diving kept going on for quite some time.  I think HWNSNBP is feeling a little defeated with this feeder as he has temporarily stopped filling it.  It's a sad thing when you keep being outsmarted by a squirrel.

If they can observe and learn how to do something like this maybe we can teach them to read and will only have to put up a sign that says "For the Birds Only".  But then, they would probably accuse us of be prejudiced and take us to court.  We don't want to be branded anti-sciuridaeites.


  1. That's hilarious! I assumed at first that he was just round the back, not actually inside. Hard to believe he can actually get out again. I'm happy to report that my two skewers in an X still seem to be foiling ours. Is there some way of tying the lid on?
    My current "problem" is that some blackbirds now know that when I whistle for the robins I'm putting food out, and they come in and gobble it all up.

  2. How funny... I love how he just dove right on in there.

  3. I love these pictures - my dad always enjoyed watching the squirrels and their antics in their back yard. I can picture him standing my the window laughing at them. It makes me miss him - but thank you for bringing up a wonderful memory of my dad.

  4. How clever and how cute! We don't have squirrels here in NZ. When I was in Illinois my friend (who lives there)and I went 'squirrel hunting' so I could take photo's of them! I just love them & think they are so cute, and obviously very clever as well!
    Pigs with wings can do incredible things... but so can squirrels!
    Sunshine, NZ.


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