Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 13 - Beverage

McDonald's caramel frappe.  With lighting courtesy of HWNSNBP I should mention.  Actually, drink and lighting courtesy of HWNSNBP.   I couldn't get a picture without a shadow so he said "wait a minute" and came over with the flashlight and made it a spot! 

This would be one of my favorite cold drinks of the summer.  The other would be a healthier choice.  A strawberry lemonade created by adding 6 large frozen strawberries to a Costco 5-calorie lemonade in the blender. 


  1. Terrific spotlighting on your yummy latte, Lorraine!

  2. Very effective spotlighting :D.
    Mmm, that strawberry lemonade sounds delicious and refreshing.


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