Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Teapot Tuesday 134

Do you know what's happening this weekend?  Do you?  It's the Academy Awards and no, we're not having a teaparty there, but rather we're having our own A-Card-&-Me Awards.  Now here's the twist - we can be glamorous and the best or we can be unglamorous and the worst.  Here's our teapot inspiration....

Oh jeez, I just noticed the cat on the hat.  She's a riot, don't you think?  And so will be this week's party.

In the absence of anything elegant or glamorous I am opting to come in the back door.  This is Cherone.  She's a rebel can you tell?  She's picketing at the Awards ceremony to give those young starlets some advice so they don't end up like, shall we say, her cousin Cher who has gone under the knife numerous times.

She's wearing her hippest garb right down to the fishnet stockings.  Her top is silver lame and black leather.  Her scarf is the finest silk.  Her earrings and belt buckle are platinum. 

So do you think she'll be nominated for the Best of the Worst? 

I'm headed over to the gallery to take a look at what else the red carpet will have to offer.  Join me here.


  1. Haha..if this were only true.. What a great card. She will love this. I didn't have time to create this week. Have a super weekend..

  2. OMGosh Lorraine - ya almost made me pee my pants! LOVE that stamp!!! So funny!! Great card!

  3. This is so funny - my name is cherone and i must say your character and i share a similar personality it seems. The spelling of my name is not very common, how did you come across it?


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