Sunday, February 27, 2011

Old Pictures

Earlier this month we had a surprise luncheon for my Godmother and during that event one of my cousins passed around some pictures of us when we were children.  She recently sent them to me and I thought I'd share them. 

That's my sister Andrea, me, and my Godmother holding my cousin Patricia.

The next two were taken at Patricia's first birthday - she's in the playpen and there I am on the right with my cousin Beverly in the middle and Andrea on the left.  We must have been having fun from the looks of it.  (I think that's my mother in the lounge chair on the very right.)

More cousins and siblings - starting from the left - cousin Carol, my sisters Karen and Andrea, cousin Beverly and me holding my brother Robert, with cousin Patricia in the playpen.  Beverly reminds me of Shirley Temple in this picture, and I've decided by looking at these pictures that my mother couldn't make up her mind which way to part my hair which is probably why I ended up parting it down the middle.

We all wore those pretty full-skirted dresses which remind me so much of the Greeting Card Kids stamp set and all the nostalgic/vintage images that have been popping up recently.

Ahhh, those were the days.


  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I remember pretty dresses like that and the play pen. Ahhhh memories.

  2. These are priceless.. I love old photos like this. That playpen brings back great memories.. You rarely see girls wearing dresses like these anymore.. Thanks for sharing..:)

  3. These are precious! Love the one in the playpen! You girls look so lovely! All those pretty dresses!


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