Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday's Throw Aways - Week 29

I'm actually going to show you a card that I made a couple of years ago.  I made it for my husband for our anniversary.  I'm sharing it today because today is our 32nd anniversary and although we're not "celebrating" today, the day has been full nonetheless.

Some of you know that I work in a school office.  The school I work in is also in the town that I live in and since I've been paying taxes to this district for the last 30 years sometimes I feel I need to actually attend our Board of Education meetings.  This was especially true of tonight.   Someday I might fill you in, but I will say that any of you that live in the same town as I do should try to attend the next Board meeting.  The words, imbezzlement, fraud, and incompetence might come up.

A few years ago I actually sat down and put together a scrapbook of our first Lighthouse Challenge.  In doing so, I had a lot of scraps from the pictures that I used.  Even though they were cast-offs, I took some of the scraps and cut them into little pieces to look like mosaic tiles.  I ran a piece of cardstock through my Xyron to make the entire piece sticky - if you don't have a Xyron you can use a sheet of sticky paper.  Then I started placing the pieces on the sticky stuff.  And this is what I got.....

The hearts are made by bending a small piece of red wire into a heart shape and securing both sides with a clear bead.  Before I glued the hearts down I added clear embossing powder to the whole card - it covered the sticky spaces in between the scraps.  When heated it looked like glassy grout. 

Yes, it's kind of scrappy looking, but he liked it. 

And now I'm going to bother you with a commercial.

My daughter Rachel is participating in a Walk for Lupus in Baltimore this weekend.  She is doing this in memory of her aunt and godmother, my sister Andrea who lost her battle with Lupus in 2002.  If you would like to visit her pledge site and care to take a moment to make a pledge, both she and I would be very grateful.  Here is the link.


  1. Cute card. It looks like a lot more work than I would want to do though—even for an anniversary card for my dh. Happy Anniversary (a little late).

  2. Happy Anniversary! You've been quite busy (and I've been a blog hop slacker!) - I adore your bear teapot challenge project! And of course your throw aways are always amazing - you are so creative. See you tomorrow!

  3. Happy anniversary late.. I love this paper pieced heart card. WOWOW that must have taken some time. Really nice for DH for your anniversary. Super job..

  4. Would you believe me if I told you that I used to try and make cards on the CHEAP SIDE? Yeah. I get embarrassed when I remember MY first cards using kleenex for ghosts, and thumbprints for turkeys. At least you started out right.


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