Wednesday, September 16, 2009

RAK from Dana

My blogging buddy Dana (Life is Good) has a special feature on her blog every Friday called "Friday Reader's Special" where she responds to the comments that were left on her blog posts for the previous week.  She then picks one comment that she particularly liked responding to and sends that reader a handmade card. 

And guess what?  This past week I was the winner.  And lookee what I got in the mail!!!! 
Ain't it purty?!!  Just look at that tiny bird!  I love this card. Thank you Dana!  

Now everyone go visit her blog and show her a little love - leave a comment.  Maybe you'll be the winner for this week.  She's posted an absolutely gorgeous card there today!!!


  1. FINALLY! And it only took seven months to get there!

    I like the cards that I just throw together on the spur of the moment. All the ones I "plan out" are always a pain in the neck and a disappointment. I hope you can use it, or parts thereof. :)

  2. What a sweet card. I really like the green. It looks terrific. What a great RAK..


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