Sunday, September 28, 2008

"You Have a Package From Hawaii"

Last Sunday I went shopping. It was an adventure in itself as HWSNSBP and I took separate cars to the mall and met at Macy's to attempt to find what turned out to be a suit for him (I'll tell that story some other time - maybe) and no dress for me to wear to a wedding in a few weeks. Since I wasn't having any luck finding a dress, I decided to visit the Vera Bradley store before I left the mall because I needed a new purse and I had one in mind. As it turned out, not only did I not have any luck with the dress, but the bag that I wanted was damaged and they did not have another one like it. Not wanting to settle on something else, I went home.

Fast forward now to Monday afternoon when I arrived home from work. I usually check our answering machine for messages and then check my e-mail. Imagine my surprise when I opened up my e-mail to find out that I had been chosen as the winner of a blog give-away. Early in the month I had added a recipe to the comment section of Lettie's blog Polka Dot Pineapple. Yep, that's it. That's what she wanted - our favorite holiday recipe and why it was our favorite. I gave her the recipe for Pumpkin Roll that we have been making since the early 80's. On Monday, all the comments in that particular post were assigned a number and then a Random Integer Generator chose the winner. And I was the lucky one. Really. Yes, really.

After some quick e-mails back and forth, Lettie told me that she had put my box of goodies in the mail. So I waited patiently. How long would it take for a package to come by USPS from Hawaii to New Jersey? Well, HWNSNBP was home from work on Friday with a vacation day and sometime in the afternoon, before it was time for me to leave the chains behind at school, I received an e-mail from him. "You have a package from Hawaii" I was estatic and had all the more reason to hope for the end of the day. When I got home it was there on the counter. He told me to go sit down and open up the box and enjoy my goodies.

You see them all - they're gorgeous and I am so lucky. And I just know that it was meant to be that Vera didn't have a bag for me - Look at the bag Lettie made! I'll have a new sunglass case and a pocket tissue holder. I'll also be travelling in style with my new jewelry holder. The five strawberries might be favors for a spring tea party I'm thinking of having, and I can wear the beautiful flower pin to it. The little hairpins will be shared with someone special as my hair is too short for them. Our Christmas tree will have two new handmade ornaments and a beautiful new ornament hanger. And I just noticed that I didn't include the little flower pincushion she made - I will fix that soon.
She even included these edible goodies (which will remain unopened until at least after that wedding I mentioned above).

Thank you Lettie for your generosity and for your wonderful creativity. You are a gem. Please visit Lettie's blog and you can enjoy firsthand all the wonderful work that she does.


  1. What a wonderful gift package! Lettie is a real sweetheart and so creative. You are one lucky gal.

  2. Lorraine, I am happy to finally have read this post. It's about time, right??? LOL I'm so sorry that it's taken me so long, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and am so pleased that you enjoyed the things I sent.


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