Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hey, I Won Something

HWNSNBP was a little taken aback with my excitement when he came home from work today and I told him that I won something. Lettie, from Polka Dot Pineapple was having this great give away on her blog and today was the day that she chose the winner. Yep, you got it. I'm the lucky one. Take a look at this LINK to her blog and the absolutely gorgeous creations of hers.

What we had to do to enter was to post a comment to her first post of the give away that included a recipe for your favorite holiday cookie or dessert and why it is special to you. I left her the recipe for Pumpkin Roll which is special to me because HWNSNBP and Chris won a Cub Scout baking contest with it. It's a tradition at Thanksgiving in our family and has been since the 80's.

Please take a moment to visit Lettie at her blog which I've linked above and in the left sidebar. You will be in awe!

Thanks Lettie for such a great give away and for sharing your creative genius. Oh, and did I mention that Lettie lives in Hawaii. I just love how this blog has found me friends all over the globe!


  1. congrats thats some giveaway. I am so glad you won it if it could not have been ME LOL I was a Cub leader in my younger years LOL

  2. congrats on your win I'm not green with envy or anything and I was not hanging out to win myself OH i Lie LOL congrats again

  3. Congrats on winning a prize! Hey, you might be having a lucky streak! Check out my blog today cuz I tagged you.....and one of the other girls I tagged (Tosh) has some awesome blog candy on her blog. You better sign up, you might be on a roll!

    Tag..you are it...and you didn't even know you were playing with me today did ya!


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