Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Eyes on the Sky

I do have a few more sunset shots to go through, but I thought I'd get these posted before too long.

On a recent early Saturday morning visit to Old Barney and a walk along the jetty.  I didn't make it the entire 1 mile to the ocean - so I camped out on the rocks about half way whilst HWNSNBP continued on.  I found a spot where I could get to the rock that wasn't we yet but the tide was starting to come in at that point and I soon had to move.  He gathered his shells and I gathered my birds though this time.

Then when we got back to the condo, the storm started rolling in.  We packed for a quick getaway and just barely made it out before the downpour.  Found out later that there was a lot of flash flooding in that area so we were very lucky not to have been caught in it.

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  1. These are beautiful, both the sunsets and those dramatic stormy skies. I'm glad you got out in good time.


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