Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Scribble Picnic - CREAMS

When I first saw the Scribble Picnic theme "CREAMS" I was a bit confused.  There are so many ways to use or interpret this word.  Ice cream, egg cream, face cream, candy cream, cream soda, cream in your coffee, cream puff, creamed corn, cream of the crop, cream cheese, creamed spinach, cream of tartar..... but with the "s" at the end CREAMS must be something specific....... or not.  I had some good suggestions from Christine and Sabrina but ultimately, since I often find myself doing this the night before it's due, I decided to do go with the first thing that popped into my mind.......Cream-colored ponies (with crisp apple strudel - not visible but making me hungry for it none-the-less).

I don't believe I've ever ridden a real pony, but I do know that I have ridden carousel ponies many times.  I'm not much of one for the scary rides on the boardwalk or at amusement parks and neither is my husband so our kids missed out on those thrill-rides when they were with us.  But we have pictures of them on the carousel, aka merry-go-round, from our yearly family vacations when they were younger.  

So, I will take a gander at what the rest of the picnickers are bringing to the picnic.  You can join me by clicking here.  And should you care to join us next week, the theme is Egg Hunt!


  1. This is great! I love your carousel horse! I remember riding the carousel, I really loved it. Brings back memories!

  2. Beautiful cream coloured pony, just perfect for the theme Lorraine! It conjures up fun times.

  3. I think your creme colored pony is beautiful. I have only been on a horse twice in my life...years and years ago. For some reason they scared me a I prefer a carousel.

  4. I love the look of colouring on kraft and your cream carousel pony looks beautiful. I don't think I've ever been on one, while I have ridden ponies a few times on holidays, bareback. I love the scene in Mary Poppins where the ponies come off the carousel.

  5. Fantastic job drawing the cream colored pony!

    And... I'll be humming "My Favorite Things" for awhile now! :-)

    I find it a bit sad that you've never been on a real pony or horse. But I'm glad you enjoy the carousels, which I do as well.

  6. Oh the Merry-Go-Round and your pony is gorgeous. Just like I remember them, though I don't seem to have any pictures of my kids on one ... or maybe I do. I have boxes of pictures in the basement that I took before I got my digital camera. Now I think I will have to go exploring ... see what you have done. You have triggered the memory lane part of my brain. Beautiful, Lorraine ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  7. Such a lovely carousel pony.
    I have a memory as a child of my parents on one and when their ponies were even they would kiss. Sweet.

  8. I would say your interpretation is spot on - a cream-coloured carousel pony combined with the overall name referencing picnics brings to mind having a picnic in a park where there's a carousel. Works for me!

  9. Lorraine, I had to chuckle at your comment here for your wonderfully illustrated and clever pic which is perfect for Creams. (Woudl never have thought of Cream-colored ponies!) Yes, that was the point - any of those creams you mentioned woudl ahve been fine or using, literally, some combo of cream colours as I did! Ha! I like it when one can go a few different directions vs. always having the same interpretation as perhaps an Egg hunt might but we shall see. I do try to mix it up for us.
    Anyway, your Cream-colored pony is so superb. Well done. I love your thinking here. :)


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