Thursday, January 18, 2018

Twelve Days of Zentangle 2017

I subscribe to the Zentangle Newsletter to keep up-to-date on new events and tangles.  This past fall they introduced something called Zentangle Project Pack that you can purchase and take part in the exercises that go along with that pack.  Purchasing the materials from them is not mandatory (at this time) to follow along with the Youtube videos, but I felt having the right tools to play along in front of me would be helpful so I went ahead and treated myself to the first two packs.

These tiles below are from the second pack - it revolves around their yearly post of the 12 Days of Zentangle.  With this packet, each day starts with a recap of the basic lesson or technique they're focusing on and then they expand on it. 

As you can see with the first tile, normally the string would give you a frame on the edge, but this time the string was the square within and the tangles went right to the edges of the tiles.

Day two was a made with two tiles and designed to fit together.

And some gold gel pen here and there.

Day 3 explored a new tangle and the use of a brown/sepia Micron pen.

Day 4 explored the same tangle with variations.

Day 5 - The white tile had holes cut into it first and then was glued over a black tile.  There's a lot going on on this one!

Day 6 - a large motif on a tan tile.

Day 7 - Using one tangle in different colors on a pre-strung mandala tile.

Day 8 - little crowns from Bijou tiles.

Day 9 - more Bijou tiles - black and white.  

Day 10 - white on black.

Day 11 - some triangle tiles put together like ornaments or stars.

Day 12 - a tree from triangle tiles.

This was intense at times but really a lot of fun mixing the different pens - micron black and brown and white and gold gel pens.  Highlights were added with graphite and white chalk pencils.  

I could see using a few of these as ornaments.  

The pack of supplies contained more tiles than we actually used so I can play with some more of these ideas.  I'm looking forward to seeing what Pack 3 will be about.


  1. From Clare -
    FUN FUN FUN! I love them!

  2. As I read your post I was thinking that these would make perfect tree ornaments (obviously we were thinking alike). Wouldn't a tree covered entirely in zentangles be amazing?

    1. Yes it would! I'll have to put that in my idea folder.

  3. You are so disciplined and patient! These are beautiful, I love the extra colours. My favourites are day 3 and day 6. 5 reminds me of Escher's tessellations.

    1. Patient - yes. Disciplined - working at it.

  4. What a wonderful creative experience so far, well done!


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