Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Jingle Belles - Look What Santa Brought Me

The Jingle Belles would like to start out the year by having us use something that we received or purchased for Christmas.  

Truth be told, this mini tryfold stamp/die set by Art Impressions was something I bought for myself before Christmas.  I had decided that I was going to make two of these, one for each of my children.  I followed the directions to make the actual tryfold out of cardstock and stamped the top and die cut it.  It took a little longer than I had anticipated because the stamps are not clear, but since I was able to use my Misti, I figured out how to get those subsequent layers in the right places. 

Trouble was, the last of the directions said to use a tryfold sealer to keep it closed, otherwise, as you can see, the layers just spring open and you can't really get the full effect of the depth of the scene.  So I had put it aside.  

The other thing I didn't like was being able to see what had bled through from my coloring with the small assortment of Copics that I have.  

So for this challenge I decided to come up with something else.  I cut the panels apart making sure that they were the exact size as each other with some trimming.  Then I scored each one 1/4" on both sides and added some score tape.

I cut two strips the length of the panels at about 1 1/2" wide, scoring at the 1/2" mark.  (I would change this for the next one taking 1/4" off the width because you only need 3/4" to add those panels.)  I didn't take a picture of the next step, but I carefully added each panel to the strips with the scored edge in the back. 

Perusing my work table I came upon an envelope with these little contraptions - flat LED lights from Ex Glow on Etsy that I had purchased for another project that, wait for it....... didn't get done.  

Using a standard 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" card base,  I laid the light down with the diorama part over it to see where the light should be, cut out a little hole there with an exacto knife and added a little pocket to the back of that to be able to slip the light into it.  

Then I attached the diorama over the top of it and there you have it................

And it even folds flat for mailing though you will probably need extra postage for the bulk.

I am redundantly cheerfully happy about this.  

And, though I may need to buy new lights by next Christmas since these are already a year old, I at least have my kids cards done instead of waiting until Christmas Eve morning to finish them.  (Oh yes.  I hang my head in shame that I did that despite trying to be done by the end of the Jingle Belle season.  Luckily, I had saved out a couple of special cards from the ones that I made all last year that we were able to use.  And, although I did get our grandson's card done with another special stamp/die set that I bought just for him............I forgot to take a picture of it!!!!!)

So now won't you join me at checking out what all the other Jingle Belles got for Christmas and are sharing this time.  You can by clicking here.  


  1. I really like how your "second" recreation of this turned out. Putting the light in it is so creative and makes it stand out. You sound like me scrambling around on Christmas Eve but I am determined to do better in 2018 (famous last words). Wink.

  2. i love that you not only figured your way around the obstacles but you also solved all the problems AND improved the whole thing bc that light MAKES the card! actually, everything about this is awesome but that is the icing on top!

    ps: can i just say that as always i'm excited you're in for another year w/ us at JINGLE BELLES, bc i totally look forward to seeing your cards each fortnight!

    pss: no one who spends any of her valuable right-before-xmas time making things for others should ever hang her head in shame for ANYTHING, imo; but if we're comparing stories, one year i finished crocheting matthew's gift IN THE CAR, by the light of the vanity mirror thingie, on the way to my brother's house for xmas dinner!!!!!! (yes, jeff was driving, lol) december is BUSY, lol, no matter what!!!!! ♥♥♥

  3. Definitely a brilliant solution - and I love the light in it. So pretty!

  4. What a super-clever holiday design ... love all of the step-by-step directions and photos ... so very glad you joined our very first Jingle Belles prompt of 2018.

  5. Love, love this!! Great rescue, Lorraine. How special. If you still have the old SU punch which punches a little semicircular line, I can't think what they called it, the tutorial on SCS for Cami's trifold might work for you as a way to use those sweet stamps. My problem with the trifold is I usually rush in and cut the aperture in the wrong panel!! I think the diorama and shadow box card formats are especially suited to crib scenes like this.


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