Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Scribble Picnic Fairy - Persistence the Flying Pig

Persistence is what makes the impossible possible,
The possible likely,
And the likely definite. (Unknown)

This is Persistence the flying pig fairy.  Which does not mean that she's only a fairy to flying pigs but to all who are looking for a little magic to make the impossible possible, for you know that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

A pig that has wings
Does impossible things!
Over clouds it can fly
In the wink of an eye!
She may tickle you pink
But she wants you to think
Of her message to each
"Nothing's out of your reach!"
©LMastalski 2007
Created with colored pencil, Micron marker, Koi water colors, and gel pens.

See some of her magic.  She can make herself small.

 She can make herself tall.

And just look at the sparkle that she gives off.  

Ha!  Okay, so I have a thing for flying pigs.  If you search my blog for "flying pig" you'll see that I celebrate Flying Pig Day every March 1st and I have for just about 10 years now.  I celebrated this year also, just a little quieter than usual.  

Over the course of these last 10 years I've collected not only quite a few "flying pigs" in many shapes and forms, but I've also maintained a collection of what I call my "pig ladies" - those that I send pig greetings to to remind them to believe in the impossible.

I received a little package recently from one of those friends.......all the way from New Zealand!  It never ceases to amaze me how far we can reach with a blog.  Ten years ago I would not have imagined that I would have a friend in New Zealand, or Ireland, or California, Colorado, or really anywhere outside the state of New Jersey.  Friends that I have never (except for one) met face-to-face, but with whom I share common interests.

So inside the package was this cute little matchbox.

Hiding inside was a little pig key chain.

Look - even the inside was decorated.

And the pig had a sweet little flower on the other side. 

And with it came this beautiful card from my friend Sunshine who also believes in flying pigs like I do.  

Thank you Sunshine for my little piggy and for the beautiful card.  And thank you for believing!

Oh, and please do check out the Scribble Picnic fairies from this week.  I'm headed over there now.


  1. Your flying pig is unique and beautiful! And what a special gift!

    1. Yes, it certainly made me feel special.

  2. I'm reminded of the phrase "when pigs fly" - people say that when something's impossible and your fairy pig reminds me that all is possible.

    flying pig fairy - oh yes, I believe in her, she's adorable & I like her little tutu skirt.

    have a lovely day.

    1. Thank you lissa. I got lost in your creation today. What a wonderful imagination you have.

  3. Lorraine, this lil' piggy can fly! she brings a big goofy smile to my heart and face! I love it. What a great idea and what a darling lil' write up too. Wonderful all round. Thank you so much. I love your tradition too. Clever.

    1. Thanks Michael. It's hard to start a tradition, but this one has caught on I'm glad to say.

  4. Your pig fairy is OH so darling. Oh my gosh. SO cute! I love her!!! :)

  5. Well of course, now I see. If a pig is to fly, it must have wings, and if it has wings, then it surely must be a fairy–a flying pig fairy! Hope I got that right!

    1. Yes, you did. Keep your eyes opened! You never know when one will flutter by.

    2. HaHa - I'll do that!

  6. such a charming flying pig fairy and your poetry is delightful too. I love your creativity for our theme.

    1. Thanks Tammie. I know I stretched it a bit, but I'm glad it was well received.

  7. Such a cute fairy piggy - and I love the background Lorraine.

    Are you familiar with the Flying Pig Bakery - based in Kittery, Maine they have 6 New England locations. Also sell bread at some Whole Foods stores - 4 in NJ! The bread is fabulous and if I lived nearby I'd weigh a ton!

    Here's the link -

    Mary -

  8. What adorable flying pig fairy. So cute. My youngest grandson (almost 4) loves Peppa Pig Cartoon... We have become pig lovers. HaHa. All your piggies are so sweet.

  9. Persistence is adorable - and so is the little pig from Sunshine who travelled so far to join your herd.


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