Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Jingle Belles - Festive Foliage

We're celebrating the holly and the ivy - festive foliage of the holidays with the Jingle Belles this time.  I used this string of bells die to decorate with some holiday foliage which was also die cut.  The background panel is embossed with tons of poinsettias.  

I also used a piece of vintage ribbon with more poinsettias.  The white is a lot white IRL.  The bells were cut from silver metallic paper.  

Since we're having a snow day tomorrow with a March blizzard forecasted for our area I am going to try to get another card done for this challenge.  Stella is the name of the storm.  They're using all kinds of adjectives for this one - historic being one of them.  And I hope that it doesn't turn out to be as historic as the last storm that began with an "S" - Sandy.  We are in the 18-24" path.  Thank goodness for snowblowers.  

We have a pool going with our Table 7 crew as to the final accumulation total using our house (the furthest north) as the measuring point.  Might as well make it interesting, although I think that all our guesses will be less than what we actually get according to all the weather service hype.  

You can check out all the other festively foliaged cards on the Jingle Belles blog by clicking here.  


  1. see, i keep on telling everyone it was a MISTAKE to start naming these storms... it just encourages them to be "memorable"!!!!!! :0

    on the other hand, this gorgeous card is EXACTLY the right kind over memorable... also gorgeous, creative and cool! and an excellent reminder that i'm a fool to forget about e'f/s for months at a time bc they add so much interest & texture to cards!!! love this! keep safe & warm! xoxoxolauren

  2. What a lovely card Lorraine! I just love the string of bells die you used!
    Sorry you are getting some snow - we just got flooded and our summer temps are slowly dropping:-( I want summer all year round!
    Sunshine New Zealand

  3. The vintage ribbon is very pretty and a wonderful touch to you card. :)

  4. Bells and blooms ... love it ... so glad you shared your festive foliage with us at jingle belles.

  5. I really like the combination of the silver bells with the ferny foliage and mini poinsettias. What perfect ribbon to go with them.


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