Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Happy (Flying) Pig Day!

Today is March 1st and of course, National (Flying) Pig Day!  One of those wacky holidays that I celebrate, though the celebrating this year is a little quieter than in the past.  I got some of my pig jewelry out to wear this morning and there at the top is a little beaded flying pig meant for a keychain. Isn't it cute!

I had a few of them for my "pig ladies" and had to figure out how to get them mailed.  When our mail lady at work came in one day last week we had a discussion about what might and might not be good for this.  I was looking up mailing tubes but everything that I found in the size that I needed had to be purchased in bulk and goodness knows I don't need to have to figure out where to put an extra 30-40 mailing tubes.  She said that paper towel tubes would hold up and since I had already used some empty prescription bottles to hold them which would be sturdy inside, I decided it was worth a try.  I had wrapped the scrip bottles with my flying pig duct tape and put a pig sticker on the lid.  You don't see in the picture but I also tied a bow of pink cotton thread around the bottle near the lid.  

I got so involved in what I was doing that I forgot to take pictures of the rest of the process. What I did was punch out some pink scalloped circles that were about 1/2" larger than the opening.  I made small slits in each valley of the scallop so I could bend up the scallops.  Those became "caps" for the ends of the tubes.  I stamped a flying pig on each piece of tube (they were cut in half) and colored it with a pink sharpie marker then adding my return address in the belly.  Once the bottles went into the tubes I scrunched up a little piece of tissue paper to put on each end of the bottle so it would slide back and forth inside (and possible break through the paper cap).  Then, after I added the address of the receiver, I used packing tape around the folded scallops to seal it up.  

HWNSNBP took them to the post office and assured me that they said they were okay to mail and they would be there in plenty of time.  I had to believe him.  (But I forgot to give him the two that are going the farthest - one across the Atlantic and the other across the Pacific.)  Those will be a little late.  

And here's one last picture to celebrate today - a little boy, his flying pig, and his bat.  


  1. I love my flying pig and it's packaging!!! Thank you! What a great picture of that little guy!

  2. I love your flying pig jewellery, Lorraine. What fun!
    Sweet pic of your grandson. My he's growing fast.

  3. Darn, I forget it every year till I see your post! I'll look forward to something arriving soon. I DID see one here recently that I would have loved to get for you, but being made from cast iron, I think the postage would have been astronomical, he'd have been a pig in space!
    I just love that big cuddly pig with wings - what a gorgeous photo.


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