Monday, March 20, 2017

Art Journaling and DY Wonder31

There's a page that I follow on Facebook called Beauty of Bird's and I've saved a few of the pictures of birds posted there.  These happen to be chestnut-headed bee eaters and they're found on the Indian subcontinent.  These were done in watercolor.  

I might have posted this page already, practicing my shading with some new pencils.

Daisy Yellow Wonder31 Prompts

Prompt - Playing card.  I have a bit of a collection of playing cards.  When we bought a coffee table from my aunt and uncle that they had used in their shore house, it came with a drawer full of cards. Regular poker decks, canasta decks, and pinochle decks.  And I just never threw them out for sentimental reasons.  I also have a stash up in the craft room that I bought at a rummage sale one year vowing to do something creative with, but not yet doing that something.  This deck is from the shore house and I used it as my inspiration for this prompt.

Prompt - Horizon.  A beach scene done in watercolor pencil.   Looks a little washed out here, but IRL it's a little better.  

Prompt - Uncertainty.  It's the uncertainty of what color to use so I grabbed a handful of the same color family to make my scribble flowers, leaves, stems, and bow.  I held all the pencils together and used them all at the same time.

Prompt - Batik.  I think I may have been on the wrong track here.  But it was fun painting the circles, highlighting them and then adding the black marker in between.  

Prompt - Fruit.  Watercolored grapes.  I do like the way these turned out.

Prompt - Paradox.  There is a tangle called Paradox and this is it.  It started with triangles drawn on the page and then the marker lines were added.  I did resort to using a ruler for the longest lines otherwise it would have been way too wonky.  I know you can't see the triangles distinctly.  Instead you see the fan-like shapes.  That's because I started each neighboring triangle in the same direction along the side they shared.  You can do this with triangles or squares easily.  Other shapes are a bit more difficult.  

Prompt - Cloud.  In water colors.  Not one of my favorites.  I admit I was a bit blocked.  Maybe it was because of all the clouds.

Prompt - Kaleidoscope.  This is a compilation of stickers and marker.  I found those little house/arrow stickers at $Tree.  

Prompt - Typewriter.  The left hand keys and a bunch of blanks.  There are 10 different shades of green and blue here in colored pencil.  This was one of those pages that seemed to take forever to finish.  Have you ever been in the middle of doing something and start wondering "why am I doing this?"?  But then you've already invested so much time you feel compelled to finish so as not to have wasted that time?  This was one of those.  I kind of like it though.   


  1. What a wonderful post filled with lovely art. Love how you're always challenging yourself to try different things. :) What fun! Love your birds. :)

  2. Your take on the card design is really beautiful. It was the bee-eaters that caught my eye straight off, though. We were lucky enough to see some of a different varitey (in the distance, but we had our big spotting scope with us) when we went to a bird reserve in the Camargue in southern France. They're not common there, I think they had only first nested there the year before.


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