Saturday, October 29, 2016

2016 Lighthouse Challege

The sun was barely up when we left the house.  It was cold, in the high 30's, but at least 20º warmer by the time we got to the first lighthouse.

Tinicum - closed for climbing indefinitely (though we weren't going to climb anyway).  HWNSNBP overheard one of the local lighthouse officials say that it was deemed to be structurally unsound by the Coast Guard and even they wouldn't continue climbing to the top to finish their inspection.  

There were a couple of vultures hanging around the ball field adjacent to the lighthouse area, but not the committee that was there last year.

Then down 295 to Finn's Point.  Strangely this lighthouse, which hadn't been open for the last couple of years was open for climbing this year.  There was definitely a strong line waiting their turn.  I remembered when I had climbed it, at least 8 years ago, I could see the Delaware Memorial Bridge from the top.  

The next stretch is usually the longest - across the southern counties of the state and through some very interesting places.  This is the last of the lighthouses that overlooks the Delaware River.  The water was fairly calm there and the seagulls were lining the boat ramp pilings.

There was renovation going on at this site also and it was dressed in scaffolding.  I always like to try to get different views of these sites and if the tide is out, which it was when we were there, I like to walk down the small beach area to get a little further from the front of the building.  The opening in the immediate proximity to the building doesn't allow for a picture of the entire building.  

So I walked along the sandy area and came upon a group of people standing up from the water, next to the weeds.  The woman that was with them yelled at me for wearing a Yankees sweatshirt in Phillies territory and I ignored her and kept walking and then unfortunately stepped into some really wet sand and started sinking.  HWNSNBP was not within helping distance yet and I was beginning to panic because I didn't want to fall backwards and I didn't want to lose my sneaker in the muck. Thankfully, I managed to stay upright with both shoes still on and not throw out my back with the gyrations it took to save myself.  The result was being able to find a path into the weeds to get a much better view of the front of the lighthouse.  The other result was very wet feet!  Thankfully I had other footwear in the car because I did not want to walk around the rest of the day with wet, sandy shoes. 

We pass this shack on the road to and from this lighthouse.  Since we spotted it several years ago I like to take a picture to kind of document how it it being claimed by the vegetation.  It's one of those creepy and fascinating at the same time things.  Here's a link to a previous post about it.

From there we head to Cape May and since it was so close to lunch time, we decided to stop for lunch at the Lobster Dock first.  We were being stalked by this wounded seagull.  Actually, everyone eating near us was being stalked by him as he limped from table to table, but was unable to find any hand outs.  Even when there were crumbs, the sparrows that hang around that area were much faster than he was.  Poor thing!

And then of course, the lighthouse.  The park area was full of cars and besides those people that were there for the challenge, there was a ton of people over by the bird watching area. Lot's of people with cameras.  Big cameras.  Really big cameras.  As we were leaving I could see that there was a bunch of them standing in front of a clump of trees and I assumed, because I saw some flying around, that they were taking pictures of the migrating monarch butterflies.  So I asked HWNSNBP to stop and I got out with my camera.  Sometimes those people with the really big cameras can be really rude.  I would never think of walking in front of them to take a picture, but sad to say, there were two there that had no trouble doing that to the others.  I had a dragonfly in my sights and then I had an ass in front of me and not the four-legged kind.  So we moved on.  

It was very crowded at the next venue.  We had to park a couple of blocks from the lighthouse at Hereford Inlet and came across this heart in the sidewalk.  

It is a very picturesque setting, though not as well-manicured as it has been in the past.  We both thought that they could have at least cut the grass on the front lawn for that weekend.  But it still looked pretty.

What has become our traditional picture in the reflecting globe.

This was the view from the oceanside.  

We skipped Absecon and the life-saving stations and went right to Tuckerton Seaport.  I was surprised and that they had it so decorated for Halloween. There were two inflated gargoyles on either end of that roof that I didn't get in the picture.  

The last stop of the day, and the last stop of the challenge for us was our familiar friend Old Barney. You can see how the sun was getting ready to set and we were really worn out from all the driving for the day.  

We arrived at the condo just in time to catch the last glimpses of the sun as it was setting for the day.


  1. That looks like quite a chilly start to the day. As always I really enjoyed being able to tag along in cyberland and enjoy your trip. I love the photo of the birds on the pilings. And the shack - I thought it was a door in a wall till I clicked back to your 8 years ago post. My goodness, it really is disappearing fast!
    So glad to hear you had extra dry shoes and didn't put your back out. Anything like that is even harder to deal with when you are conscious of a camera that you don't want to come to any harm - even though in reality we are far more important than a camera.

  2. Love love love the photos of the light houses! They remind me of my Nana Audrey, she loved lighthouses:-) And YES!! I remember that spooky shack from last year! How fascinating to see it change each year! I wonder what the "story" of it is?! Fascinating!
    Sunshine, New Zealand


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