Thursday, October 6, 2016

Harvest Moon

I've had these pictures queued up since the full moon in September. I'm doing some catch-up posting so I hope you bear with me while I add these to the blog.  

We get lucky sometimes and happen to be at the condo when there's a full moon.  That was the case last month.  But as the time neared for the moonrise, the clouds moved closer to the horizon threatening to obscure it altogether. Then there was a sliver of orange in the distance.  Standing on the front stairs I zoomed in on it.  I always find it fascinating to see how quickly the rise and set of these celestial bodies takes place. Whether it's the sunrise and sunset or the moonrise (can't say I've witnessed a moonset), when they are near the horizon and you have that point of reference you notice the movement more than when they're just hanging in the sky.  

I wasn't sure how much of the orange orb would be visible and as I crossed the street to the dock it disappeared behind the clouds.  

I decided to wait it out on the dock and was rewarded with some pretty shots of the moon and the clouds.

There were quite a few people taking pictures that night.  You could hear them clicking away along with all the oohing and ahhing.  

The reflection of the moon on the bay was so beautiful we kept the front door open to enjoy it for quite some time.  


  1. Beautiful shots of the moon Lorraine! Love them all but the last photo tells me a "story"! I love how you can see the reflection on the water, just peeking through your open door! Awesome:-)
    Sunshine, New Zealand

  2. Oh, beautiful! It's never too late to play catch-up with photos (says me, still working through France in July!). The moon ones are beautiful, but I think the most magical and atmospheric one for me is the last one, the view through the door. The light on the water is beautiful - and it looks so bright!


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