Saturday, October 15, 2016

Pirate's Day - Almost Forgotten September Fun

I was transferring some photos from my cell phone today and realized that I hadn't posted these pictures from Pirate's Day....... from September.  Ack!  

The second weekend in September they celebrate Pirate's Day in Barnegat.  What does this mean? Well it's a street fair of sorts.  They close off part of the main thoroughfare and have tents and stands set up from all kinds of local groups and vendors.  They have two bandstands.  On one they have musicians, on the other they have Pirates who do performances throughout the day.  There are some food vendors - mainly the local restaurants and some local farm stand representation.  And there's a field set up with activities for the kids like bouncy houses and such.  

We live on what's called Pirate's Peninsula and we're lucky enough to be right across the street from the public dock where they have a shuttle that comes to take people right into the heart of town.  

Before we jumped on the shuttle however, our good friend JT set up a treasure hunt for us.  We were the blue team and our other friends R&L were the green team.  She handed each of us our first clue, ours were the blue one's.  And each time we figured out a clue it sent us to find the next one.

The only time we left the condo area was when we got the first clue to find our rock across the street at the dock.  Then she handed us the second which brought us back to our complex.  

Ultimately, the last clue brought us to a treasure chest..................

Which she filled with Pirate's Booty, gold chocolate coins, a 100 Grand candy bar, and a handful of scratch-off lottery tickets. 

We really had fun figuring out the clues and finding our treasure.

And she had the most appropriate snacks too!

It was brutally hot that day in September, and just walking around the town was very uncomfortable so after we made a quick pass through, we ventured over to Doyle's Pour House for lunch. 

After lunch, we all got in the car and took a drive and did some exploring (separate post to come).

That evening was the last concert for the summer.  

It was one of those days filled with fun and good friendship!


  1. Oh my goodness, I haven't done a scavenger hunt in years, I can't remember when. That must have been fun, in spite of the heat.

  2. This sounds like it was lot's of fun!
    Do you realise that HWNSNBP has been revealed in this post?!
    (I won't tell anyone...)
    Sunshine, New Zealand


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