Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Shack

This past weekend HWNSNBP and I completed our 8th NJ Lighthouse Challenge. I'll be sharing pictures of the lighthouses but I wanted to share these of a shack that was along the road on the way to East Point Lighthouse. It fascinated me. He hadn't even noticed it but I made him stop on the way back so I could get out and take pictures. There's a tree growing right out of the front and I love all the textures of the foliage around it. I was very surprised to see that there was furniture inside which wasn't noticeable until I actually got closer. As I took my pictures a car was coming down the road and HWNSNBP called out to me to watch the car approaching so I didn't back out onto the road into it's path. I then realized that the leaves were cleared in a path to the front door and it then occurred to me that maybe it wasn't such a good idea to get any closer. I don't think there was anyone in there, but I really didn't want to find out.
There was a house not too far away from this shack and perhaps they were using it as storage. Or maybe there was a hermit (or the Jersey Devil) living in there. Whatever the case, I think this humble little building has a sense of beauty all it's own. I hope you enjoy the pictures.


  1. Love these photo's, how fascinating! I am like you, I get out of the car & take photo's of intersting 'things' along the way!
    Let us know if you find out anything more about the shack!
    Sunshine NZ

  2. These pictures are gorgeous. Theres something about old buildings that really appeal to me too. I love the look of the lacy foliage against the weathered wood. You really captured it beautifully.


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