Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Recycling - Have I Gone a Bit Too Far?

This card is made of a few things I had in my recycling stash.  The background papers are both wrapping paper from recent birthday gifts as is the blue seam binding ribbon.  The stamped flower was in a pile of stamped images that never made it onto it's original card and the blue flower - well, this is where I ask if I've gone too far - the blue flower was made from ..... a hairnet/covering that I wore on Monday during a medical procedure.  The nurse gave me the strangest look when I said that I wanted to keep it to make something out of it.  She offered me a new one, but I told her that I wanted to repurpose the one that I had used since we celebrate Earth Day this month.  Too far?


  1. Are you kidding? Now I'll have to save hospital hairnets too! :D What a pretty card.

  2. Brilliant! Not too far at all - perfect for honoring Earth Day :)

  3. If you have gone too far - it doesn't matter . . . because there are those of us out there that completely understand. I love the card . . . and the idea behind it!


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