Saturday, July 16, 2011

Swan Inspiration

The swan pictures above were taken last weekend.  I seem to have had better success that day with that camera.  I'll explain later.

I had found a box recently of  paper "stuff" I was saving to do something with.  It included a couple of postcard advertisements we picked up at the flower show and a sheet that I printed out of swans for some long forgotten Christmas project (I think).  Anyway, they came together on this card below and I added a few of the rolled flowers that I had left from my chair cushion tags.

I couldn't decide on the backdrop as the card has a black base.

This picture was taken yesterday, however, this camera does not have a viewfinder, only a view screen and I find that it's difficult to get it to focus on things that are in the close distance like the swans.  I tried tricking it by moving the camera at the last minute, but apparently I will need more practice.

They were sitting together in the same spot that we saw them last week and when I attempted to get a little closer they decided they'd had enough of me and began to get in the water.  It was then that we noticed that one of them was limping which is probably why they were where they were.  Swans mate for life and the uninjured one will stay with the injured one to protect them however they can.  I don't know male from female in this instance, but I hope that the injured one will recover.


  1. I've lost ALL my prior rubber stamping sites. Not blogging sites, not sales sites, but sites dedicated to photos of finished cards only. And I'm not referring to splitcoaststampers. So I went to YOUTUBE and watched what I could...then I watched making paper flowers, but they're too bulky to mail.

    So I had an idea I will work on today: making a paper scrunched flower, then hitting it with my hand to flatten it for mailing.

    Hey, it might ending up being beautiful!

  2. The photo with the pair of swans is lovely, but I really like the first one when you can see a strip of drier colour between the reeds and the grass. Certainly when DH was getting me a new point-and-shoot for my birthday, no optical viewfinder was a deal-breaker on the first one I thought I was interested in.
    Thank you for that *spot-on* ID of my Californian wildlower!!
    I like the swan against the pink skeleton leaves - it definitely needs the white background to show up the black border.

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