Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Start of the Long Weekend

Thursday night's sunset over the wildlife refuge.

Friday morning's bird party.

Queen Anne's Lace on the side of the road.

A pair of swans.

Make and Takes at One Little Spark (LSS in Tuckerton).

The Stewartsmobile outside Stewarts Drive-In in Tuckerton.

Lunch for HWNSNBP and myself.  Me - grilled cheese with tomato and bacon.  HWNSNBP - Chesapeake crab cake sandwich.  Shared - eggplant fries.  It wouldn't be complete without a Stewart's Root Beer.  (Not the healthiest lunch, but totally enjoyable.)

A gull who was looking for a handout.

Full moon over the bay.  Forgot the tripod so I rested the camera on a picnic table on the dock and captured the moon just as it appeared over the railing.  I took at least 20 pics and this was the best one and that's why I'm kicking myself for not bringing the tripod across the street!

On our bike ride Saturday morning, we took a detour off the bike path and stopped for a drink (ice teas for us) at the Lighthouse Tavern.  This was one of the pictures on the wall.  I love those little fishing girls on the rocks.  There are fish at the feet of the one on the right. 

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  1. Wow, that top picture is wonderful - it's like a painting. Wouldn't it look great printed on a canvas or linen textured paper!!
    I can imagine how noisy all those birds must be. But beautiful.
    Eggplant fries - that sounds interesting, are they in a batter like fritters? I'd think they'd absorb an awful amount of oil if they weren't, it's something that never ceases to amaze me when I'm frying them for moussaka.
    I like the moon picture - amazing colour. I think tripods are ornery - you bring one and don't need it, you don't bring it and really need it. I remember having trouble with night shots in Greece last year; failing a tripod I could have done with a little beanbag to help position the camera!


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