Monday, July 25, 2011

Spool Cards

On Page 106 in the new SU Catty there was a sample of a little card in the shape of a spool that I thought would be good for sending shares of ribbon or twine to someone on.  I looked high and low but could not seem to find a pattern but then I realized that the packaging for SU's linen thread would do just by cutting off the larger top and making the top and bottom equal in size.  So that's what I used for my pattern here. 

I used some dsp on the front and decorated it with ribbon and a tag, but you could actually just stamp the base with a flower or some other motif and then wrap your share around the front.  My share will be going inside because it's a secret right now. 

The little floral motif I used is from Tiny Tags.... and so are the tags which are stamped on both sides of the tag.  I used my SU markers to color them both.  I would have gotten a little more elaborate with these but I had about 10 of them to do.  The cards themselves are about 2 3/4" tall and just a little bit wider. 

Time to get these surprises in the mail! 


  1. So cute. I think I'll copy you and try to make a full size card. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Oh these are soooo cute! Love them to bits! What a great idea:)
    Glad my birdcage cards made you smile! Thank you for all your lovely comments on my bolg!
    Have a great day!
    Sunshine NZ

  3. What a sweet idea. I wish real cotton reels were as pretty - makes me nostalgic for the old wooden ones!

  4. What an idea I just had!! I've got a reel of very skinny ribbon that I've always ended up just staring at...

    I can literally wrap the skinny ribbon around and around the "spool" and send it looking like real thread! (and use up that ribbon that is useless)


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