Friday, July 8, 2011

July 8 - Sky

While it was mostly overcast this morning and not conducive to picture-taking, the day became very wet.  An hour-and-a-half in the car and I thought I'd better capture some sky before it got too dark.  Could've used one of those sunsets from the other day - oh well!


  1. followed you from Julie Reeg's. It's bedlam over here, but this is where I'm at "for now" and they've even tracked me to the new blog.

    GOT A STAMPING ROOM LIKE YOU WOULDN"T BELIEVE!! Now, if I can get some PEACE so that I feel like stamping happy thoughts.

  2. This is exactly what it looked like here today. I love the way you captured the rain. We needed it so badly here. My garden is soaking it all up.

  3. Now that is one of the reason's I've chickened out of a daily challenge of any sort. You see some wonderful photo ops before and afternoon, but just not when you need them :D.
    Thank goodness it's not been like that here this week - lots of heavy rain but mostly at night.


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