Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 31 - Self-Portrait

This has been an interesting endeavor.  I have enjoyed thinking about the prompts and planning out my photos for the past month.  Thanks to those of you who join me here for seeing me through this and special thanks to those of you who commented. 

There is an August group and the prompts are listed here.  You might have to be a Flickr member, but there is no fee involved in that.  I am not going to participate this time as it will be a busy month at work and with our vacation during this time, I didn't want to commit to anything personally.  There is no formal commitment to participate in these things, and I think that I even learned that you really don't have to post a picture that you have taken that day as I thought.  I might do some of them, but I won't post here, I'll have them in my Flickr account.

I'd love to follow along with anyone if you decide to participate in August.  So let me know if you do.


  1. What a pretty self portrait! I will check out the Flickr group and let you know if I decide to do it!

  2. I would kill to get a head of hair like you've got. I've always admired it and, dad gummit, you're too gorgeous to be stuck in New Joisy.

  3. Great photo. That's my sort of self-portait - something to hide behind. Your eyes are a lovely colour, I never knew!


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