Friday, July 22, 2011

July 22 - The Best Part of Today

At what point do you determine what the best part of the day is or was?  Do you go through the day just taking random pictures of what you are occupied in?  Or are you supposed to decide ahead of time what the best part of the day will be?  This is a conundrum to me.

The best part of today could have been waking up in an air-conditioned room - which I did, but it was not my bed or my room.  I slept in my daughter's old room last night because I couldn't take the heat anymore and that's where the air-conditioner was upstairs. 

I got to sleep late and took my time getting ready to travel and when we were about to get in the car to leave the indoor-outdoor thermometer read 104.9.  Yikes!  Then in the car the temp rose to 105.  Coming through Princeton we were stopped at a light and I looked over and saw this tree with all the vines growing on it and thought it looked interesting and luckily was able to grab my camera and get a few snaps before we moved on. 

Not too much later we were treated to a 26 degree drop in temperature and a light show accompanied by water in the form of rain.  It was kind of thrilling watching the lightning. 

The temperature rose again as we left the storm area.  We stopped at the farm stand and picked up some corn, peaches, and a melon. 

Nothing else outstanding happened today.  So I might consider the car ride as the best part and this is the only picture that I have.


  1. I picked the right time to head south. I not only missed the tornado (although it found my house)but I missed the flooding and now the heat.

    I can't wait to see what winter brings!

    Sorry, but it's the only time so far that I've been able to gloat.

  2. How gorgeous Lorraine! Sounds like a perfect day and a reminder to notice the little things that are around us every day! I have loved your last three posts - noticing the wintergreen smell, saving bits from the mail that many of us often discard - thank you for the inspiration and the reminder of what is so precious in life!!!!

  3. That would be a very hard photo prompt for me - i don't know how I'd approach it. Some days have something special, other days are much more mundane.
    Your heatwave has been making the news over here - I must say I am glad we don't experience temperatures like that. The storm must have been a welcome relief, as well as the fun of watching the lighting.


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