Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 12 - What Makes You Smile

What made me smile today - freshly polished toenails. 

It was not a particularly good day.  Frustrating work day and then I took a wrong turn coming home from the doctor where I didn't get very good news.  I ran out of checks over the weekend and forgot to put a new batch in the check book so I was lucky to have the $30 co-pay on me for the doctor.   But, that meant no shopping afterwards even if it was only the dollar store where I refuse to use a credit card for a purchase under $10.  So I decided to go home the back way but I didn't know that there was a detour.  For some reason I thought the detour sign would take me out of my way so I turned the opposite direction which brought me out to the main highway again, but I could only turn going the wrong way.  There was a turnaround at the next light and a WAWA on the corner so I decided to stop and pick up something to nibble on on the way home as I hadn't eaten since lunch time.  I found a chocolate covered pretzel rod that only cost 33 cents, but I couldn't get the wrapper off while I was driving.  Finally, I got a little lucky and had to stop at a light so I was able to unwrap the pretzel.  It's been hot and sticky and I needed to finish my Jingle Belles card so I went up to what I'm now referring to as the "Stamp Sauna" and got my card done and then went for a quick dip in the pool.... bringing me back to the toenails.  For whatever reason, they made me smile!


  1. oh dear! sorry you had such a bad day...but your toes look great!

  2. What bad news???? It's not your toe, since it looks good.

  3. How cool and refreshing looking!!


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