Friday, March 25, 2011

spring? birthday!

It was my boss's 40th birthday this week and I got to get a little creative.  I made the birthday banner above using the petal cone die and the colorful dsp from the SAB catty along with my Broadstreet Alphabet stamps and the button embosslits.  This was a pretty quick project until I decided to actually add real thread to the buttons.  Thankfully I used quilting thread and it didn't have to be knotted, but it was a nice touch.  I've been a bit of an Indian-giver and asked to have this back so I can send it to one of our teapot destination stations.  My boss was very happy to do that. 

I also made the card above.  Since there are about 45-50 staff members, the card had to be pretty big so I used a file folder that I had and cut the tab portion off.  The ribbon is hiding the gusset scores.  Inside I used some die cut letters to spell out YOU! on the inside cover and then attached 4 sheets of trimmed copy paper in booklet form with a decorative strip across the staples that said WORDS OF WISDOM where everyone could offer theirs. 

This is what it looked like driving to work on Wednesday morning.  Not very Springy, but at least we didn't need a snow day.  Even today there are remnants of snow in the shaded areas of lawns.  Mother Nature is being such a tease!


  1. Oh - are you going to send the banner to Abby? I must remember to get a card in the post for her. I love that owl card. Those big cards for work that need to be big for all the signatures are always a bit of a challenge, but that's fun. Mind you, I now think that wise old owls are for milestone birthday's a bit further down the road than 40...
    You really could do with some Spring, couldn't you! I wish I could send some of ours - C was down to just a t-shirt as he sat out with his coffee this afternoon. Back to clouds and cooler for the next few days, though.

  2. Oh Lorraine! That is gorjuss, thank you!
    Made my Day!
    Sunshine NZ

  3. AACK! I LOVE IT!!!!! WOW....I wish I had made one for my daughter last year....okay, now I have to get the Broadsheet alphabet...thanks for the enabling!

  4. Hi there! OMG! That is the most fun banner! Wowza, it looks like so much work! But I will take your word that it was not, except for the thread part! Its beautiful! Won't Abby be loving it and your boss was wonderful to give it up for her! Very kind! Your boss is young! Mine is over 60!!

    Oh, also, I have a favor to ask...when the winter is done and Spring has sprung, could you take a picture in this exact spot so that I can see the scenery at the same spot in green? I showed my hubby and we both agreed, we would love to see how beautiful that area is in green......What a pretty spot you live in!

    That owl card is so awesome too! What a fun, fun treasure for your boss!


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