Saturday, March 19, 2011

Speaking of Awards

Over the last month or so I've received three Stylish Blogger Awards and I've been very remiss in my acceptance so without further ado, I'd like to thank:

Holley from Holley's Hobbies
Kim from Stamp, Scrap and Get Kreative
Debbie from The Paper-azzi Connection

You should check out the blogs of these wonderfully talented ladies.  You will not be disappointed.

Now I'm supposed to do two things - tell you 8 things about myself and pass this on to 8 deserving bloggers.  I'm going to do the first and change the second a little.

1.  I can name all the fifty states in less than a minute.

2. When I asked my mother how she chose my name she told me it was the name of a carpet store that she and my father used to pass by when they were dating.

3.  The job that I've held the longest was that of substitute teacher - 15 years.

4.  I love to bake but I hate to clean up.

5.  I hand-raised a clutch of cockatiels.

6.  Before I had children I played woman's slow-pitch softball and was a pitcher.

7.  My sisters and I took dancing lessons and began when we were very young - 5 & 6 yrs.-old.  We were ducklings in our first recital and danced to "A Wiggle and a Waddle and a Clap, Clap, Clap".

8.  When I got married my hair was down to my waist, now it's just about as short as HWNSNBP's.

So now it's your turn - and I mean YOUR turn.  That is, anyone reading this, lurking out there, visiting randomly or regulary - please feel free to grab up this award for yourself and let me know in the comments section, and should you care to add my link to your acceptance that would be great.   I know some of you have award-free blogs and chose for them to be that way and I respect that.  But I think everyone with a blog has some style of their own and certainly deserve a Stylish Blogger Award for themselves.

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  1. Ok, I am taking up your challenge Lorraine!
    Eight Things You Didn't Know About ME!
    1: My SM (Soul Mate) gave me the name Sunshine (real name = Shona)because he said it suited my personality - even though I suffer from depression. I've had the name Sunshine for more than half my life now.
    2: My hair used to be down to my waist when I was younger and I have had it shaved off twice in my life because of operations on my head. My hair is now collar length but I would love to grow it long again.
    3: I have one brother & one sister.
    4: The house I live in is the family home & the only place I have ever lived.
    5: I am a 'shopaholic' and LOVE clothes, shoes, hand bags, jewellery, and rubber stamps of course!
    6: My favourite gem stone is Sapphire, but my birthstone (which I also love) is turquoise.
    7: I wear three turquoise rings.
    8: If I am out with friends I have to walk on the right hand side of them because I have no peripheral vision on the right side. If they walk on my right hand side I don;t see them & will either bump into them or walk off & not see them!
    Sunshine NZ
    (Visit me!)


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