Thursday, March 3, 2011

Longing for a Bluebird Sighting

Mother Nature keeps teasing us with just a hint of Spring coming, and I mean just a hint.  Our mail lady at work told us she saw a crocus blooming.  But there are none here in the yard yet.  And no bluebirds.  Not one sighting yet.  By this time last year they were looking for a new home and checking out our nest box.   I'm hoping they'll be back soon.  In the absence of fresh photos, I thought I'd share this poem I wrote many years ago.  It's not timely as far as the season goes, but here you have it.


I stand here at my window
The yard is like “bird town.”
The feeder is so busy
With birds in shades of brown.
I'm looking for that flash of blue
As leaves come falling down.

The maple trees are yellow.
The finches dart around.
They've lost their golden color
But not their happy sound.
I'm looking for that flash of blue
Oh where can they be found.

The cardinals chase each other
Around the flower bed.
The flickers and the downies
I notice by their head.
I'm looking for that flash of blue
But seeing red instead.

The doves just walk in circles.
They bobbed their heads and cooed.
Picking leaves up one by one,
Looking for some food.
I'm looking for that flash of blue
That still cannot be viewed.

A hawk is in the distance.
The turkeys wander through.
The squirrels are jumping tree to tree,
They've nothing else to do.
I'm looking for that flash of blue
I want to see them too!

I see the deer go walking.
The acorns catch their eye.
The birds are all around them.
I watch and give a sigh.
I'm looking for that flash of blue
And not just in the sky.

The bluejays raid the feeder,
Those scary, stealing thieves.
They trick me with their color
And give my heart a heave.
I'm looking for that flash of blue
Among the autumn leaves.

Acrobatic nuthatches
Are not aware of me
They climb the tree from tip to toe
To find a bug or bee.
I'm looking for that flash of blue
And checking every tree.

The juncos bring their cousins
And flock into the yard.
They're checking out the feeders
And suet made of lard.
I'm looking for that flash of blue
It's really getting hard.

Where are those little bluebirds?
I ask where did they go?
I'm hoping they'll surprise me.
I'm hoping that they'll show.
I'm looking for that flash of blue
Before we get some snow!

Lorraine Mastalski 11/7/03

When I wrote this in 2003 it was before I took the job in the school office and I was still substitute teaching.  As of tonight, the decision has been made to close a school in our district and my office job is very much in jeopardy.  I don't intend to go back to subbing, but I don't know what to look forward to.  These next few months are going to be very tumultuous.

My bucket list included writing a children's book.  I had this poem in mind as a possibility for a picture book.  Anyone out there have any publishing connections?

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  1. I hope you see your flash of blue soon. I wonder if things are later than they were last year - it feels like that here.
    And I am sorry that you are experiencing an unsettling time in work now, that is no fun. Alas, I have no publishing connections but I can certainly see your poem working as a picture book. An educational one, too, with all the different birds.


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