Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Teapot Tuesday 133

Who loves you baby?  Don't you think that would be appropriate for a Valentine's week challenge?   Look at those owls - what a cute teapot and friends.  Cindy's woven another great story to go along with this group of hooters.  Bring owls she says!  Bring owls and we will send them to the sister of one of our teapotters who needs some cheering up and who loves owls! 

I was using this Ikea tray the other day and noticed that there was one owl on it and he or she was looking like quite a cheerful owl so I used that as my inspiration this week.

I used the paper, button, and ribbon from the SAB catty on the owl and the background.  The sentiment - HELLO - is from Pendant Park.

The white lines are drawn on with my white gel pen, and the dots come from various punches.  "Who loves you baby?"  Or is it "You had me at Hello."?

Okay, let's go check out the gallery and see all the hooters that came to the party this week. 


  1. I love your owl. I am thrilled each week when I check all your fantastic creations. Keep up the good work.
    Deb J

  2. OMG! I just had to come looking! Wowza...what fun this is! I love that you were inspired by this awsome tray! And our owl is the hooting image to the tray! Marie is gonna love this one! It rocks girlfriend!

    I have not been to your blog in so long I had a hard time remembering how to get here! So sorry.....

    I don't get outa the teaparty too often! Ha!

  3. You certainly recreated that owl to a T, or is that a tea? He's so fun and happy looking, he's bound to cheer Marie up.
    I meant to say that I presumed the baby card was for Barbara's new granddaughter? I finally got round early this month to making the piano themed card I intended to send her. I hope she was well over the surgery before the new arrival appeared on the scene.

  4. This is perfect. I love what you did here. It is so fun to see where everyone gets their inspiration from. Marie will love this. Great job.

  5. Wow Lorraine, you nailed that owl!! Adorable!


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