Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice Storm

Another snow day, but with ice this time.  Got lot's of projects started and one finished but I can't show it yet.  Instead I'll share some pictures of the day.

This is the rhododendron outside our living room window.  I thought at first that the wind must have been blowing while the rain was freezing on them only to realize that it was the weight of the ice that had bent the boughs making the little icicles go sideways.

Our neighbor's birch tree was at it's limit and made an arbor across the road.  This is actually after some of the ice had been knocked off by a truck.

This bush was outside the post office.  The bottom 2/3 of the bush was under snow from plowing and this is what was visible from the top.

The railroad trestle down the street.  It was a little foggy by the water.

One standing duck in the brook down the road.

And another one swimming.

The male cardinal keeping company with a junco under the bird feeder.

The female cardinal is barely visible in the autumn olive on the property line.  She stayed there for quite some time anxiously waiting to see if she would have a turn at the feeder.  I don't think she did.

The bird in the front below is a dark-eyed junco which are plentiful at the feeder during the winter months.  The one in the back is a song sparrow.  Don't you just love his coloration?


  1. Brrr. It's cold and windy here, but nothing like that. Nothing like as beautiful either, mind you. I made the mistake of trying a little icicle from some bush - never again! But they certainly look so pretty.
    Off to check out song sparrow and see if that is like your robin and jay, different to ours. It's amazing to me to see how thoroughly your roads are cleared compared to over here, where I've only ever once seen a snowplough out.
    Stay warm, stay safe and enjoy watching the birds :D.

    Even with the cyclone in Australia as the main weather news, your weather was still one of he headlines when I was listening to World Service radio in the night.

  2. Great pictures! and beautiful birds!! hope you are faring okay!


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