Sunday, February 20, 2011

30th Birthday

Oh, I feel old!  I am now officially the mother of a 30-year-old!  Christopher turned 30 yesterday.  We were talking recently about the news report that said that our astrological signs are not necessarily what we thought they were with the addition of a 13th sign.  He informed me that that was only true if you were born after a certain date which was more recent than our respective birthdays.  During that conversation I remembered that at the time of his birth my mother had an acquaintance that did astrological readings and she did one for Chris.  I found it in his baby book. She references planets and percentages and I think that has to do with the stars on the day he was born.   Then it goes on to the actual horoscope:

"The young gentleman is a Pisces on the cusp.  Will have many challenges which will make him stronger for it.  A very determined young man, will be extremely meticulous as he grows also will be very particular with whom he picks as a partner.  Will definitely be a leader not a follower.  Will be very physical also and will teach sometime in his life.  Very deep and highly intelligent.

Lots of love and a very strong hand in a quiet and understanding way in his young years.  Everything will fall into place after that."

Challenges - yes, oh yes.  Meticulous - yes, but not overly so.  Particular - yes, and maybe has found her at last.  Leader - becoming more so.  Physical - yes, indeed.  Deep - yep.  Highly intelligent - I've always thought so although he hides it well.

Even though that piece of paper went into the baby book and we didn't pay much attention to it, I think the love and understanding got him through his early years and it's still all falling into place.

Happy birthday my son, my 6'4" two-legged mouse, my dear gentle giant.

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